Kettle Fried Chicken Tenders + Palmetto Sauce Company

The other day I had the opportunity to try a new spin on kettle fried chicken AND two of the newest barbecue sauces available on the market!


Palmetto Sauce Company

So, this cook as a whole was inspired by Palmetto Sauce Company. They’re an extremely new company, having started commercial production only in last month. The owners are SC folks who now live up north and their sauces came out of being stuck in the land of the damn yankee and feeling homesick for the kind of BBQ they could only get at home or make themselves. Over time, folks kept telling them that they needed to bottle their sauce and I’ll tell y’all what, I’m so glad they did!

Congaree Gold and Edisto Orange

I connected with the owners John and Meg Wise through Instagram (@palmetto_sauce_co), and after talking to them they offered to send me a couple of bottles to try. With that said, I had planned on buying a couple of bottles of their sauce and writing about it anyway.

These are my honest personal opinions and with that said I’m so glad their sauce didn’t suck because they are super nice folks as well as being amazing sauce-makers.


The two sauces they currently produce are Congaree Gold, a tangy mustardy concoction that you would find in the Pee-Dee region of South Carolina, and Edisto Orange which is reminiscent of sauces you would find in Western South Carolina.

If you’re thinking about ordering some, get both. You will not be disappointed. My wife, who is EXTREMELY picky when it comes to barbecue thought that these were some of the best sauces that she had ever had. Don’t just use it on chicken either, I’m looking forward to making some ribs with the Edisto Orange.

They’re just all around fantastic sauces and nothing like anything that is currently on the market.

You can visit them online and order their sauces here:

Fried Chicken = Love

I don’t know about you but I *LOVE* fried chicken. To me, it’s just about the pinnacle of what you can do with a chicken. That juiciness, the crunch of the breading, the fact that it’s just as good cold as it is hot.

Unfortunately, fried food isn’t super healthy. Dang-it. It’s also smelly and messy when you’re frying inside, and then you have a bunch of grease that you have to figure out what to do with. Which is why I don’t make fried chicken at home, much to my wife’s relief. However, There are a million recipes out there that let you get around these issues by making your breaded chicken in the oven, and sure, it’s an OK substitute if you have to get your fried chicken fix but can’t go out or don’t want to destroy your kitchen.

The problem with that is it’s summertime and I really don’t want to heat my house up all that much, plus why the heck would I want to when I can do it on the grill!

If you have a Weber grill and the charcoal baskets you already have all the equipment you need to make this recipe. This is one of the easiest recipes you will EVER make.

So, let’s walk y’all through this:


First, gather your ingredients: buttermilk, chicken fry, and a couple packs of chicken breast tenderloins. You will also need a can of spray oil or an equivalent oil sprayer.


Take your chicken and place it in the buttermilk to brine it. If you want to get really fancy you can pour some pickle juice in there and copycat a certain southern chicken-focused fast food restaurant.

Leave the tenders in there for at least 20 minutes. I left mine in for 3-4 hours and might leave them longer next time.


Here’s the secret for getting a perfect texture when you’re breading the tenders:

Go ahead and put your breading mix in a bowl and then slowly stir in a little bit of buttermilk. This creates little crumblys that will stick to your tenders and give them some texture. This makes all the difference in the world!


Get your tenders breaded and let them hang out while you get the grill ready!

Vortex Cone

Once your charcoal is lit, pour it into your charcoal baskets in the center of your grill. In the above picture you can see that I’m using a Vortex that I purchased. For not much investment you can pick one of these up, they are perfect for this kind of high heat indirect cook. I use mine to make the best grilled wings ever, which I’ll teach you how to do later on.


Open your top and bottom vents all the way, we’re looking for high indirect heat and having the fuel in the center will help create a convection current in the grill. Once you are ready, place your cooking grate on the grill, and spray it with oil only where your chicken will be touching or it will stick when you go to flip it. Also, so the breading will crisp properly, you need to spray the tenders on both sides with cooking spray, while this is using grease, it’s significantly less than you would use if you deep fried them.


This is optional but you can place a small piece of smoking wood on the center of the cooking grate above the coals and it will give your chicken a good smoky flavor inside too. It’s totally worth doing!

Place the lid on the grill and then wait 25-30 minutes. After that time, remove the lid, spray any dry looking spots on your tenders with cooking spray and then flip them, spraying any dry spots on the bottom as well.


Replace the lid and let the tenders cook for another 15-30 minutes, till they hit an internal temperature of 165 or until the breading has reached the texture and color you want.

Once finished, remove them from the grill and serve with the sauce of your choice!


I hope you enjoy these as much as we do, and grill on!


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